Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Pan"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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Before us is the famous painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Pan", written by him in 1899 in the Oryol region on the estate of M. Tenisheva, a famous Russian philanthropist.

What do you see when looking at the image in the foreground? Man is not a man? The goblin is not the goblin? A creature from a Russian fairy tale steadfastly guarding natural wealth.

Behind, behind the main figure, is a real evening landscape with clearly traced lines of thin-trunked trees, a few plants near the water in the swamp. The plot is complemented by a clearly defined horn of the moon, which illuminates the mysterious forest, the shore and the creature itself, sitting in the foreground.

What kind of creature is this? It looks like an ancient Greek mythological creature, protecting herds of sacred goats and rams. Here in his hand is an indispensable attribute of a shepherd - a pipe, the sounds of which he attracts wandering animals.

He vigilantly watches everything that happens around. But his eyes are kind blue, a little crafty. Old grandfather telling fairy tales to grandchildren can have such eyes. Or the character of Russian fairy tales - the goblin who protects forests and swamps, but does not harm people.

A gray beard, braids of disheveled hair, two protruding black horns on a broad forehead, powerful arms with long curved fingers and a goatskin underneath. Strange creature. It is even more unusual to see him against the backdrop of the Russian landscape.

“Pan” by Mikhail Vrubel appeared due to the strong impression that the artist received after reading the story of Anatoly Franz (French writer) “Saint Satyr”. The idea of ​​the picture developed quickly, so the canvas itself was created in a few days.

Moreover, at that time the master was influenced by ideas about the search for a national soul. The artist turns to the plots of Russian fairy tales and, in addition to “Pan”, creates a cycle of “nocturnes”, among which are “The Swan Princess”, “Lilac”.

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