Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Autumn”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Autumn”

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This is not to say that the picture has a crazy ability to attract the eyes of the audience, but there is something in it that returns us to a fairy tale. The picture seems to be from a cartoon, everything is so unreal, although it is written on real objects.

The picture shows a small house in the forest, a field is visible behind it. They ate before him. Around - tall birch trees. So the soul rejoices: how good Russia is. The landscape painter specially captured the area along with the house to show that living together with nature, we can save and increase a lot in life. A lot to understand and tell. The forest is our friend and our ally. After all, being in such a clean and peaceful forest, you understand that here you have neither worries nor burdens. You are yours here.

Sunny weather and pacification, somewhere far away all the buildings remained, the church is a little visible. I would like to be a little alone with this peace-loving weather and silence, singing birds, and not pay attention to the fluidity of time. It is not here, it is not of great importance here.

The colors of the picture are calm and do not strain either the eyes or consciousness. To the best of the saturated shades of red and yellow, dark green and sometimes black, Bole really bring closer to the fact that the picture lacks realism. It resembles a Soviet cartoon, where the characters live harmoniously and honestly.

This picture is like a memory from a joyful childhood, when you look at nature as a friend, and not as a source of income or potential profit. The artist wants to remind us of the times when this very harmless nature gave us more than everything that we have at the moment.

When you look at the picture, it is as if you hear a forest rivulet making noise somewhere, restless insects buzz and whitewashed birch trees rustle, swaying striped backs in the wind, and the fir tree smells of freshness and somewhere in the distance the sounds of tractors passing by are barely audible.

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