Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “In the Grove”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “In the Grove”

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Without departing from the theme of the landscape, the artist laid the basis for his work as the working days of ordinary working people. This can be seen in the women walking in the park, one of them has a tool on his shoulder. A girl comes with them, taking small steps, skipping a bit, ahead of the walking women.

It is still green, sunlight penetrates through the density of trees, which plays with its rays on stones and leaves, the wind slightly stirs the height of the trees.

Having looked closely, it seems as if walking people are talking about something, and a little girl with her head covered does not pay attention to it. But on the canvas, women are standing in front of a large puddle, apparently wondering how to get to the other side without getting dirty.

How huge the boulders are in the picture, what even seems to be the size of an adult. There is a lot of moss on them, which suggests that this grove has been for many years, as well as massive tree trunks finally convince us of this.

The viewer has a beautiful view of the places that people are still trying to preserve and increase. Everything is in some kind of harmony, even a sharp transition from shadow to light does not stand out much on the canvas, only thanks to this transition, you can feel the presence of summer or early autumn.

Glade surrounded by light and stones scattered in the chaos of nature attracts attention and warms you with warmth, which you can feel when looking at the details illuminated by the sun. Everything is harmoniously combined, but people are not quite visible on the canvas, the author paid a little attention to them.

Everything is surrounded by color and colors, the author tried to bring to life of people, especially in those difficult times for ordinary people, a little joy and life, to share with them hope and desire to go forward, leaving defeat behind, proudly bear their fate, not being afraid to make mistakes. Need to try and act!

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