Description of the painting by Nikolai Popov “March”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Popov “March”

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Mart's painting was painted by Ukrainian painter Popov Nikolai Alexandrovich in 1956 with oil on canvas. The dimensions of the picture are 30 * 23. Currently, the canvas can be purchased at auction.

Popov N.A. He is a graphic artist, Ukrainian painter. The years of life of 1927-1997. He graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, took part in regional and republican exhibitions. Nikolai Alexandrovich began his creative activity during the Second World War. The artist worked and lived in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine, although he lived in Kremenchug for the last decade. Let's dwell on the description of the picture "March."

In the foreground is a large tree growing right on the road. It dissolves its first buds and leaves. The same trees are painted on the whole canvas. The fact that early spring can be guessed from melt water, which can be seen literally in everything: a road flooded with water, which reflects elements of the nearby landscape, shown in the foreground of the picture. Blue streams of water flow along and across paths.

Unlike Levitan’s painting of the same name, Popov depicts streams of water, while Levitan depicts melted white snow and bare trees in places. Green grass is already visible on the ground. One of them leads to a rural area surrounded by a fence. Here, the author draws a large house and farm buildings. In the background a large house. And all this against a clear blue sky.

Although the picture depicts houses, it is not visible at all after human activity, only the nature that gives the picture, despite the spring, is a little discouraged. There are no birds, no animals, only houses and plants. And, if it were not for meltwater, the viewer would have thought that the artist depicts autumn.

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