Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Golden Autumn”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Golden Autumn”

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In 1888, Ivan Shishkin, a master of landscape art, painted his painting "Golden Autumn." Currently, it is stored in the Tretyakov Gallery. The viewer was very fond of the picture, as well as Shishkin's most popular work, “Morning in a Pine Forest,” which he wrote in tandem with Savitsky. Unlike “Morning”, in the painting “Golden Autumn” Shishkin depicts not a forest, but an autumn nature, as evidenced by the name of the painting.

From a fleeting glance at Shishkin’s painting “Golden Autumn”, a quiet divine transition of nature from one stream to another, during the mystery of autumn, is visible. Nature, as if falling asleep, pleases with its sleepy beauty at a nearby lake.

In this picture of Shishkin, every detail of autumnal nature is pronounced. The canvas is flooded with yellow sunlight illuminating the yellowed autumn foliage. The whole picture is saturated with golden hues, giving the impression that nature has put on the most expensive outfits.

It is as if they hinted at environmental unrest before the impending rain, clouds covering the sky. At the same time, the sky is depicted in yellow tones, and not in dark gray. It seems that the quiet harbor of a beautiful place of nature will soon explode in a magical swirl of yellowed leaves, leaving interesting ikebans on the ground.

A gentle breeze sways the crowns of trees, as if inviting to a dynamic dance of beauty. Fallen leaves, like a veil, lie on the water. Water is very colorful depicted by Shishkin, it reflects all the beauty of autumn splendor and fallen leaves.

Admire the picture of Shishkin "Golden Autumn" can be infinite! Nowhere will the beautiful secrets of nature be revealed in such splendor as in this landscape. A little covered with fog, but the beautiful nature bewitches, making the heart beat in unison with the autumn wind

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