Description of the painting Arkady Plastov "Winter"

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov

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Plastov’s painting “Winter” depicts a winter landscape. The landscape is depicted in the special technique of a wide brushstroke. The picture does not carry a sharp-realistic image. However, the canvas carries expressive, vibrant images.

Before the viewer's eye appears the winter forest. There are almost no leaves on the trees, so it seems that the forest is very rare. However, in the distance, in the background, you can see how dense and large the forest is behind.

There is snow everywhere. Such pure snow-white snow with a hint of blue can be seen only in the forest. Nowhere else can you see such clean, fresh snow. In some places the snow is crushed.

The canvas depicts two horse-drawn carts that move one after another. Perhaps noble people decided to go hunting in the winter forest, or perhaps this is just a horseback ride in frosty sunny weather. A blush on the character's cheeks suggests that the walk has been going on for a long time. The man in the wagon is dressed casually - a hastily draped hat and somehow buttoned coat.

The picture leaves the viewer with only positive emotions. The sun's rays fall on a bright snow-white canvas of snow, thanks to which the snow sparkles. One feels the joy of the characters depicted in the picture - people in carts enjoy a walk, enjoy the fresh frosty air and clean, untouched nature.

In the foreground is a dog. She looks with some longing at the carts and people. It is not clear whether this is their dog. Perhaps this is a stray dog ​​that lives in the forest. Now, having met people, she remembered the once happy life among people.

The viewer will certainly feel the light blow of a frosty breeze. Most likely, he will remember his last walk in the cold, the frosty air that pinches the skin and fills the lungs.

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