Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Soft composition with boiled beans: a hunch of a civil war”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Soft composition with boiled beans: a hunch of a civil war”

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The painting, entitled “Soft composition with boiled beans: a premonition of a civil war,” was painted by the world-famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali on the eve of the outbreak of the Civil War in Spain, that is, in 1936 and, in essence, was a kind of reaction to everything that happened in the country during these years.

Being a supporter of the phalangists and General Franco, Dali hoped that the new government would finally bring structural positive changes to Spain, and Franco himself, judging by Dali's convictions, could and should have done much more for the country than was expected from him. However, at the same time, Dali created a rather contradictory picture from the point of view of his political sympathies, which amazes the viewer with his eerie essence.

The picture itself depicts two humanoid creatures that seem to have fused with each other, but at the same time fight among themselves. One of the creatures is something like a human head fused with the arm and leg, on whose face terrible pain is indicated. The second creature consists of two hands, which seemed to be monstrously distorted by nature itself.

It must be said that these creatures were depicted by Dali against the background of a certain old city with buildings of past centuries that stretched to the horizon. The picture inherently hyperbolizes everything that happens on it, namely the desperate struggle of two bizarre creatures that have much in common with human bodies, but are not. The menacing and ominous picture of what is happening is complemented by the clouds high in the sky, which should emphasize the gigantic spirit of events taking place in the center of the canvas. It is these two creatures that portray some ghosts of the Spanish Civil War, the difficult years of which Dali found.

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