Description of the painting by Jacques Louis David “The Death of Marat”

Description of the painting by Jacques Louis David “The Death of Marat”

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One of the masterpieces of world painting today is considered the painting "The Death of Marat" (1793), painted by the famous French painter Jacques Louis David. Marat was a very good friend of the artist and one of the most tough and fanatical leaders of the bloody revolutionary events in France. He was killed by a decisive stab in his bathroom. Therefore, this “portrait” of Marat, brilliantly painted by the author, is a kind of reminiscent of the tragic events of those times.

It is on this canvas that the artist’s heroic realism reaches its best artistic expression. After all, the work was written under the direct impression of real events (David in this form saw his friend for the last time).

A masterpiece is distinguished by a combination of historical truth with the emotional power of perception of an artistic image. At the same time, David in the picture is limited only to the most important details for revealing the tragedy of the image: a drooping lifeless body, a bloody wound, a knife and a letter (the killer used it to penetrate the room). According to historical information, the sick Marat was killed in the bathroom. And he received it at the same time as he read the insidious letter of Charlotte Corde (the killer).

Distorted by suffering and sorrow, the features of the hero have a pronounced character of the portrait. Bright light and a clear black and white arrangement on a dark background emphasize the state of detachment. In the role of an antique sarcophagus, the viewer perceives a bathtub with drapery made of fabric. And the block, where the inkwell is installed, acts as a symbolic tombstone with an epitaph: "David - Maratu."

The author has monumentalized this image, through laconicism and heroism its dramatic expressiveness is emphasized. The artist created a masterpiece similar to a majestically strict monument. Thus, he wanted to perpetuate the memory of his friend as a hero of France, and immortalized himself as a brilliant French painter.

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