Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Sleeping Princess”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Sleeping Princess”

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Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov painted the painting “The Sleeping Princess” in 1926. Currently, it belongs to the Moscow Vasnetsov House Museum. This is one of the works illustrating a fairy tale story. The artist found the moment when the beautiful princess pricked her finger on a sharp spindle and froze in deep oblivion. She was cast a magic spell, so she will sleep until her beloved wakes her up.

Amazing, filled with bright characters, the picture shows the royal palace from the inside. We can enjoy the spectacle of richly painted walls, amazing ornaments everywhere. The room is bordered by majestic red columns, through which a view of the nature and neighboring, bright buildings opens. Even the trees around him froze in a silent expectation of awakening. Many heroes are present on the canvas.

In the center of it lies the princess, who is surrounded by guests and servants. All of them froze in calm poses, calm and tranquility were read on their faces. All the servants were preparing at the princess’s wedding ceremony, so the hussler and the clown in festive attire were nearby. At the foot of the princess’s bed lay a little girl dressed in a beautiful blue dress. Her golden curls slightly cover her face. The bride in the center of the canvas spread her arms, it is clear that she fell into a heavy sleep so unexpectedly that she could not even understand what happened to her.

The painting is painted with cold colors, echoing with slight warm accents. Subtle patterns of character dresses and room decor, carefully prescribed minute details, relaxed body positions create a sense of reality of what is happening on the canvas. Each figure carries a vivid personality and character, according to the position and clothing, you can easily judge the origin of all those present.

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