Description of the painting Gorgione "The Storm" (Storm)

Description of the painting Gorgione

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The Venetian artist Giorgione amazed everyone with his Storm. The viewer will not see a specific plot here. The main character of this picture is a thunderstorm. The artist diverted the brilliance of a lightning arrow, which, like a snake, shone in the air. Right and left, the foreground displays female and male figures. A woman feeds a baby. She almost has no clothes on her. The picture is full of diversity. Wildlife makes itself felt everywhere.


Ash-silver walls of city buildings.

Winding road.

Slender, lush, fragile trees and bushes.

The wreckage of the columns.

And in this strange but truthful landscape there is also a place for a mysterious naked female figure who has a delicate, bluish cloak. The young shepherd is dressed in orange-red clothes, and a shimmering greenish-white shirt.

Looking at this picture, where there are bronze-olive trees, deep green deep water, heavy lead blue clouds, one wonders about the presence of characters here. Why did the artist highlight an open space for a woman?

It seems to be like in the picture and the heterogeneity of the elements, but some peculiarity is felt in the mysterious integrity. Accents are served gently in the picture. Colors do not sound much, they are muffled. Paints in anticipation of a thunderstorm are in a state of pre-thunderstorm lighting. Here you can feel the twilight air.

Maybe this is just an excuse to portray a poetic landscape. What is the meaning of the appearance in this place of two opposing figures. Concepts about the subject matter of this picture have been put forward quite a lot. But a convincing interpretation of the content of the picture never sounded. The artist, like a poet, wanted to reflect the state of the soul when it is restrained in its impulses, awakens from its dreams, thanks to the echoes of distant thunder.

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