Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “With a diploma”

Description of the painting by Vasily Maximov “With a diploma”

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How wonderful returning to your home from distant lands! On the canvas of Maximov, we can observe an amazing scene of the return of a girl who was educated away from home.

In those days, getting a girl’s education was considered stupid or whim — it was believed that a girl should have good manners and study at home. For this, governesses were hired.

But of course, such home schooling was at the most an idea for spending leisure time for a growing young lady. Meanwhile, this did not give any official status to the student.

In the center of the picture is the graduate herself. Yesterday's student dressed in a gray student’s dress, at a distance on the coffee table you can see an elegant ladies hat with flowers. Her face is red with tears, she kneels and puts her hands on her mother’s knees. It is hard to imagine how much she missed her home and family. Her gaze is full of happiness and pride.

Mother sits on a chair near the table and looks at the diploma. She moved the paper close to her eyes and squinted a little to carefully study everything written.

The situation around the characters suggests that the girl has just arrived. A hat box stands on a coffee table, a suitcase with things open and lies on the floor. Things from it were randomly pulled out and scattered - the graduate hastily searched for a diploma.

The decor is bright. The furniture is shabby enough, most likely, people in this house are not very wealthy, however, they found the strength to educate their daughter.

The girl already wants to hug her mother, to listen to praise for her efforts, but her mother carefully reads the diploma. She herself was blushed with pride in her daughter. The mother’s heart is about to flutter and she herself will flood with tears of joy.

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