Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan "Autumn landscape with a church"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan

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Leviton has always been famous for its ability to truthfully and vividly reflect the state of nature in its landscapes. Its autumn landscapes are especially famous. Looking at these paintings, a combination of colors, colors and motifs, the viewer is as if really immersed in a cloudy autumn day, shrouded in light cold and wind. The artist manages to convey the autumn atmosphere.

Levitan spent two years to create the painting - from 1893-1895. Today, the painting is in the Tretyakov Gallery, where anyone can see it, breathe the smell of autumn.

In his painting “Autumn Landscape with a Church”, the author captured a small church located on the edge of the forest. It is hidden by the already yellowed trees, dropping their foliage. The church is painted in traditional light colors. Her walls are white, and a small towering dome is painted green, symbolizing calm and tranquility.

The artist in his painting was able to depict precisely the autumn nature. She is cold, but at the same time, very lively. All paints in which the canvas is made, can not be called bright. They are rather dull in the fall, evoking cold and sadness.

On the right are two lonely trees that have almost completely lost foliage, while the grass in the forest has not yet turned yellow. They convey to the viewer that pleasant autumn sadness that the artist wanted to show. In this picture, time seems to stop so that the viewer can fully enjoy the autumn calm.

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