Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "The Snow Maiden"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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Mikhail Vrubel, the great painter who created his masterpieces in the direction of post-impressionism. In his works, he used a special technique of painting, which amazes connoisseurs of art today.

Intense colors in his works force him to test diverse sensations, the exact efficiency of images, immense fatum. Thanks to all this, you involuntarily freeze and consider pictures with fantastic plots.

A large number of images of actress Nadezhda Ivanovna Zabela were saved. She acted in the role of his Muse, the Princess of the Sea, as well as Spring. The most colorful among the images of the Artist is the painting “The Snow Maiden”.

Mikhail Vrubel vividly captured the loose curls of the girl and the image of the face that he liked. A girl against the background of a snow-white boron, with eyes in a certain nap and with a slightly languid smile. Snow-covered spruce branches covered shadows with a bluish tint. The snow maiden is not afraid of cold and frost, because she is the mistress in this fabulous forest, a sweet sorceress with unusual eyes.

The artist constantly improved the image of Hope Zabela, in paintings and in life. Vrubel came up with various models of dresses for her with a diverse series of colors. The wardrobe increased gradually. The assortment of clothes consisted of bright colors that should shine on the spouse. But Hope criticized such luxury as inconvenience. Mentally scolding the artist for outfits, she still wore a dress and wore it confidently.

And even after several years of family life, the wife of Mikhail Vrubel was fraught with an attractive riddle, which the painter saw in nature and music.

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