Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "Messenger"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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An amazingly beautiful painting, created using technique using a tempera palette of colors, was created by the artist in 1924. Subsequently, in 1925, in Adyar, he presented it to the Theosophical Society in the person of its founder - a unique Russian woman - Blavatsky Elena Petrovna. She possessed an unusually high degree of cultural and moral education, and the refined beauty of the ideals of the Renaissance.

The canvas depicts a Buddhist temple, plunged through an ajar door into the dawn rays of the sun, and meeting the Messenger, a beautiful woman in an oriental outfit.

Who is this strange traveler? What news did he bring? Ignorance and the first, stirring up the mind, feelings make the heart beat even faster in anticipation of discovering the secrets of such an unexpected guest. After all, the news can be completely unpredictable and come from everywhere, warning or protecting from some events, which was heard by a woman.

So, the symbolic gesture of the man’s right hand, which in Buddhism means the wisdom of self-improvement and someone important event, was repeatedly displayed in Roerich’s work. The theme of the messenger and the messenger, which carried important news, was one of the priority topics in painting.

The predominance of violet-greenish shades in the picture, combined with the golden shades of the sun's rays, characterize the pumped and anxious atmosphere of an unexpected visit, and the delicate pink robe of the woman softens and eliminates the anxiety that has arisen. Her image symbolizes the intuition and image of the savior, and finds similarities with the image of Elena Blavatsky, who revealed the meaning of Genesis in her works, being, thus, the majestically solemn Messenger. The Buddha image symbolizes the tranquility of the soul, peace and tranquility.

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