Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin "Debri"

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin

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Discarding unnecessary prejudices and distracted from the rather harsh name - “Derby”, it is worth noting that this is one of Shishkin’s most delicate and subtle works. The canvas is maximally saturated with a certain mystery and unidentifiedness, which is due precisely to the secrecy of the forest nature and all its inhabitants.

The wilderness in which the artist was able to notice and hear the growth of coniferous and spilled quiet music of the forest being, which carries something hidden, invisible and poetic. The viewer can see large wild stones that are covered with moss.

The artist also emphasizes an open glade, on which you can see several small Christmas trees, which are gently and gently pressed against each other. Around is deep darkness, where due to the large number of dark trunks of mighty trees, there is no way to break through not a single ray of sunshine. Here is the kingdom of silence, and a thick and rich smell of needles predominates.

Even a bird that can fly here by accident can be found much less often than anywhere else. Due to the fact that it is very rare that not only sunlight breaks in, but even animals. Because of this, dry branches, as if in the last hope of reaching up to the light, due to the fact that the darkness of this thicket is trying by all means to muffle their growth.

The master thus shows the viewer natural selection and the stern struggle for survival, in which the strong defeats the weak. This could be facilitated by the very mood of the master, along with his difficult fate. The picture is literally saturated with the special, magical life of the whole forest.

The painting requires a slow and leisurely inspection of all the details, for complete penetration into the picture and understanding of the emotional presentation of the artist. The unimaginable lace of the branches that intertwine among themselves personify a web of life events, which are described in the picture by a convinced realist.

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