Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "Reapers"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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One of the most famous and influential Russian artists, Kazimir Malevich, who is considered the founder of one of the early manifestations of abstraction - supermatism, left behind a great legacy in the field of art. In addition, Malevich was also a wonderful philosopher, he reflected on painting and on various phenomena in this area. The Russian artist had a period in his creative activity when he painted paintings on peasant themes.

The work of the Reaper of 1929 also belongs to the works of this period, where the author depicted three reapers in the field during harvesting. In the picture, the viewer can see a typical peasant life in the village, which is very difficult, on the face of a woman in the foreground, fatigue, suffering is read, but it should work, since the well-being of her family depends on the quantity and quality of the crop. In the left part of the picture depicted the shadow of a large tree, under which the reapers could rest and at least not much to escape from the heat.

In the background, in the background, you can see the Nicholas Church, which is located in the village of Romashkovo, where the artist often liked to go and create, after his death, Malevich was buried in the field between the villages of Romashkovo and Nemchinovka, with a high degree of probability the artist was buried in the place where painted the picture "Reapers."

In the works of the author of the peasant line, a turning point in his work is noticeable, he is deeply imbued with the problems of ordinary peasants. In order to give expressiveness to his paintings, the artist deliberately warped and somewhere primitively simplified the figures of the depicted people. Without icons and religion, Malevich considered it impossible, and paid great attention to icon painting, calling it the highest stage of "peasant art", so the image of St. Nicholas Church in the painting "Reapers" can be considered very symbolic.

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