Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli “Madonna Magnificat”

Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli “Madonna Magnificat”

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The artist Sandro Botticelli is one of the most prominent representatives of the Renaissance. The name comes from the initial words of the prayer of the Virgin, written in an open book, which she obscures with her hand.

The baby Jesus, sitting on her lap, with his left hand he squeezes a pomegranate apple, symbolizing the eternal life that he gives people, with his right hand leads the hand of the holy mother, and she writes down the prayer.
Three boys, sitting next to the Madonna and Child, hold a book with an inkwell in front of them, and the other two - angels - raise the crown over the Madonna under the rays of the shining sun.
The figured composition is very finely drawn in the space of the circle.

The refined lines of the arms that surround the baby are a continuation of the hand gesture that one angel begins and, through other figures, are connected on the crown of Mary. Hands form a whole ring, repeating the contour of the canvas, in the center of this ring you can see a distant quiet landscape.

Madonna’s robes are canonical - a red cloak and a blue cape on top, her face according to Botticelli's ideas - is the ideal of the beauty that he sought in his works. She has thin, white skin, oval, regular shape, face. Her whole posture, facial expression show purity and integrity, her meekness.

Thick golden curls give the impression of a simple earthly girl, but the toilet articles - a thin light coverlet on her head, a cloak, beautifully embroidered robes - transform the model into the image of the Holy Virgin.
The whole canvas is permeated with grace and sophistication, the meek and clean faces of the characters, hand gestures and postures of figures - everything shows excellent craftsmanship and mastery of the painting technique, as well as the painter’s deep design.

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