Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli "Simoneta Vespucci"

Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli

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Sandro Botticelli is a great Renaissance artist who painted dozens of the finest paintings, among which there were many portraits, but none of them can be compared in beauty to the portrait of Simonetta Vespucci, the first beauty of Italy, who had an incredible number of admirers, among whom were the richest and most influential people including dodges, cardinals and even popes.

Not only was this girl very beautiful, she also had an unrivaled intelligence, knew all the secular rules and was an excellent diplomat. Knightly tournaments and even fights that had a bloody outcome were constantly held in her honor.

Botticelli painted a portrait apparently from the original somewhere between 1474 and 1475, not later, since already in 1476 the beautiful seignorite died of consumption. She was about 23 years old at that time, that is, the portrait depicts a 21-22-year-old beauty in the full bloom of her unclouded beauty.

Simonetta is depicted sideways to the viewer, which emphasizes the nobility of her profile and the fullness of her beautiful magnificent chest, which, as was customary at that time, was barely covered with a corset. Most likely this is one of the last images of the lady. The girl’s hair was pulled back to the back of her head, but some of her hair was disheveled and defiantly pulled out from under the hairpins and even a tight braided braid, twisted around a long elastic-tailed tail.

Thin eyebrows, a direct gaze directed into the distance, a full beautifully curved swan neck, a small nose and small lips - these are the facial features that were dreamed by dozens of admirers of the second half of the 16th century. Simonetta at the time of painting was caught in a tense pose against the backdrop of a lighted window niche, which further emphasizes its natural beauty. Experts in the field of art criticism believe that Simonetta became the artist's muse for several years and it was from her that the best of his paintings were written.

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