Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Mother"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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In his painting, the Russian artist Kuzma Petrovich Petrov-Vodkin portrayed a young woman breast-feeding her baby. The artist addressed the topic of motherhood in 1912 not at all by chance. For six years, he and his beloved wife named Mara tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child.

Therefore, at this time, he paints one by one pictures depicting motherhood, thereby asking God for his own happiness. And only 10 years after the painting "Mother", on October 1, 1922, the wife of Kuzma Sergeevich finally gives birth to the long-awaited child. They even said that before birth, he saw his daughter in a dream ...

The canvas "Mother" is made in the artist's favorite red color scheme. The semantic center of this picture is the figure of a young peasant woman who, sitting in a Russian hut, feeds her baby.

At the first glance at her, the viewer does not find anything stand out - a young girl from the peasant class, an unremarkable appearance, in the usual clothes for that time. But looking at the plot of the picture in more detail, you begin to notice that the woman’s posture and gestures involuntarily resemble the Madonna of the Renaissance or the mother of Jesus - the Virgin Mary, on whose hands lies an innocent child.

In the picture of Petrov-Vodkin, the child lies completely carefree and drinks milk from a nursing mother. It is not without purpose that artists and icon painters of all times are inspired by the theme of motherhood, because it personifies at the same time the love, protection and care that surround and protect not only children, but everything around.

The figure of a woman gathers around herself everything without which it is difficult for a person to exist on this sinful earth, to truly respond to the pain of other people and to rush to their aid. After all, the mother not only gives life, it is both the homeland and the source of life for each person, which cannot be replaced with anything.

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