Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Galatea of ​​the Spheres"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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All Dali's paintings are distinguished by their unusual appeal. I would like to carefully consider each corner so as not to miss more than one detail. So it is in his famous and great Galatea of ​​spheres. Looking at her, one wonders: how did the artist masterfully manage to portray a face through a combination of spheres? The perfection and harmony of their merging can only be surprised. Only a true master can do such a masterpiece.

Salvador Dali painted his picture back in 1952 during the period of nuclear mysticism. At that time, the artist studied a variety of sciences and came across the theory of atoms. This theory impressed Dali so much that he began to paint a new picture. He portrays the face of his wife from a multitude of small-spheres of atoms merging into a single whole corridor. The symmetry of these circles forms a powerful perspective and gives the picture a three-dimensional appearance.

Galatea's lips are the shadow of a series of balls. Eyes as if two separate small planets. The shape of the nose, the oval of the face, ears, hair, as if breaking these spheres into separate atoms. Color combinations and contrasts make them seem voluminous convex and embossed. As if Galatea is a transparent shell, consisting of color contrasts of many small ideal spheres.

Galatea, like a small universe made up of atoms, surrounded by atoms, breaking up into hundreds of small pieces. The work was done primarily in blue and blue tons - shades of space, sky, weightlessness.

Only some of its elements reflect the face of Gala, her hair, lips, body are painted in natural colors. The whole composition as a whole fascinates, enchant the viewer. It gives the impression of movement of circles. It is as if Galatea is spinning with the help of every single living atom.

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