Description of the sculpture by Michelangelo Buanarroti "David"

Description of the sculpture by Michelangelo Buanarroti

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"David" - a marble sculpture of Michelangelo. This marble statue, whose height is over five meters, is the pinnacle of the Renaissance sculpture. The original of this statue is currently in Florence, at the Academy of Fine Arts. By the way, she is there to protect herself from damage.

The statue is a naked David figure. He focuses on the fight he has to do with Goliath.

David is preparing for battle. Moreover, the enemy is far superior in strength. However, the young man is calm; nothing seems to betray his concern. All that is visible is how his muscles tensed, how his eyebrows moved. There is something terrifying in this look. You can see how over his shoulder he threw a sling. Such a pose prepares a decisive blow to a formidable enemy.

It is seen how David personifies the power and omnipotence of a free man. David symbolizes a person’s confidence that he can defeat any enemy. The hero of the sculpture has the most intense attention. Thus, in front of the city government building in Florence, there was a statue calling for courage, protection.

At the same time, the sculpture of David is simple, clear and expressive. There is nothing contradictory in it. Every detail serves to express masculinity, freedom and maximum concentration before the battle with the formidable king.

The world also has many copies of this interesting statue. The most famous of them are in Florence, in the courtyard located in the Pushkin Museum, as well as in the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is interesting that for the visits of the British Queen, a fig leaf has been prepared for this statue.

It is noteworthy that the sculptor deliberately went to a distortion of the anatomical proportions in order to achieve the ideal expressiveness of the sculpture.

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