Description of Alfons Mucha's painting Autumn

Description of Alfons Mucha's painting Autumn

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The fly was one of the most famous modernists - that is, of those who believed that art should be indivisible and proportionate.

Widely applying its applied areas - embroidery, bead weaving, painting on fabric - modernists sought to create the most complete and lively image of reality perceived by them. Modern is a style that glorifies life. Bright, full of details, causing either sincere admiration, or a lack of understanding of where to look.

“Autumn” is one of the paintings of the “Seasons” cycle. It depicts the golden mistress herself, who in the performance of the Flies seems more likely to be red. She has fiery hair, a honey-tinted skin, and bright red lips. She is all fiery, blazing with the burning fire of a summer celebration.

The airy blue dress worn over her - the halo of rains and fog that accompanies her everywhere - is also cast in gold, and golden straps are held on his shoulders. On the chest are two gold precious discs with scarlet rubies that hide the chest. Autumn all seems to be burning, but not furious, like a wild flame, but warm, like a hearth. Around her are her attributes. The dried red branches, withering five-fingered leaves of grapes - scarlet, green, yellow.

Autumn holds a saucer in one hand, the second collects poured berries from grapes. Autumn is a kind, generous, abundant mistress. It seemed to have gathered all the sun of summer - for all three long, hot months, nature absorbed it with every petal and every leaf, and in autumn gives back the harvested fruits. Autumn Flies - not foggy, not evil and slushy. It is golden and joyful, when you look at it, you think about the harvest holidays, about how the ears of gold poured are picked, how heavy apples are picked from the branches, how children build bouquets of fallen leaves.

All the best was embodied in it - evenings by the ginger fireplace in the warmth, and shriveled baked apples, and the smell of smoke from burning leaves. And the memory of the past heat.

Painting by Leonardo da Vinci Madonna Benoit

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