Description of the painting of Nicholas Roerich "The Himalayas"

Description of the painting of Nicholas Roerich

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Roerich is a singer of the mountains. Believing that man should live in them, he immortalized them in paintings with enviable stubbornness and skill, as if giving them a new life on paper. Shambhala, the city of great truth, is hidden in the mountains. Diluted air is useful for understanding oneself, thin mountain peaks and their beauty cleanse the soul, and life among real nature, not tamed by technology, strengthens the body.

"Himalayas" - an idealized, song image of the mountains, on which they appear mysterious, majestic, legendary. Not just a locality located in a particular country, at a specific width and longitude. It seems that they were transferred to the canvas directly from the legends in which the heroes pass rivers and mountains, in which the heroes grow waist-deep into the ground, in which the devas eat people, and cunning is valued on a par with military valor.

They are shown at sunset, flooded with a hot scarlet radiance, too bright for dawn. Their slopes glow with the red flame of the sun, while others, those that remain in the shade, are hidden by thick blue twilight. It would have seemed to a person standing in the shade that it was already night.

A person standing in the sun would have felt that it was only an early evening. A man who rose above the other two and ascended to the top would see that the mountains seemed to be unable to determine what time of day reigns in them. Their duality attracts the eye, creates a wonderful contrast between the radiance of the day and the twilight of the night.

The sky above the mountains is fiery, orange, and they are poked into it by peaks. There are no people in the picture, there is no haze from the chimney of a hermit’s house or a shepherd’s, no human figure, or any other trace of presence. The mountains are pristine, clean, empty and quiet.

The people who came to them will have to become one with them, to establish true silence within themselves, and, perhaps, they will be able to learn the Meaning of Everything that only mountains know.

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