Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Morning Still Life"

Description of the painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

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The whole picture is imbued with optimism and joy. Before us is a glass with tea and two eggs, a modest bouquet of flowers and a teapot. The canvas is expressive and internally dramatic.

It seems that everything happens on the terrace on one very sunny morning.

Before us is a table of light brown wood, which the artist depicted obliquely. The viewer thinks that one more moment, and all the objects standing on it will surely slide down. Mostly items are made of glass or metal. This is necessary so that they can play and shimmer in the sun. The artist creates unusual spots of light on the countertop, saucer, teapot, vase, glass and even a spoon.

Each item is necessarily reflected in another. So, for example, in the teapot we can see the reflection of the egg, which is magically superimposed on the reflection of the fiery red cat. You can also see a dog peeking from the table with a friendly smart face.

The artist masterfully paints every subject. So the dew marks on the table create a feeling of freshness on a summer morning.

There is no person in the picture. But one can guess in everything his obligatory presence. Who could pick fresh wildflowers? Who is the dog looking at? Whose cat can be reflected in a teapot? Who else might own matches lying on the edge of the table. Of course, to man.

Petrov-Vodkin specially painted the whole still life so that we were just in the place where the person sits - the hero of this painting.

We see a small sketch of life in the country.

We are captivated by the optimism of the artist and honesty. He looks at life wisely and kindly. It really captivates.

The picture is simple and straightforward. It creates an incredibly pleasant sensation that occurs after a walk in nature. The masterpiece is filled with bright colors, purity and peace. One feels maximum unity with all nature.

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