Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Prince Feast of Guidon's Feast”

Description of Ivan Bilibin's illustration “Prince Feast of Guidon's Feast”

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Ivan Bilibin was able to turn book illustrations into real art, confirmation of which was one of his works. A painting called "Feast at Prince Gwidon" is known to everyone since childhood. Getting acquainted with the work of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, young inquisitive minds had the opportunity to get closer to the work of another brilliant master.

The illustration is made with amazing accuracy and scrupulous detail depicted on it. Having implemented the poet's printed works, the artist brought elements of Russian life into princely times. His characters resemble real people rather than fictional characters. And the drawn details only enhance this feeling. Thus, the story itself, for which this illustration is made, comes to life in the imagination of young readers.

Using his own special graphic methods of image, the author was able to subordinate the page plane from the book depicted in the picture. First of all, many colors and their harmonious combination attract the eye. Color combinations amaze with decorativeness and convey a subtle and sensual perception of the world. The sophistication of colors is designed to combine two parallels into a single composition. We are talking about a sense of humor inherent in the people, and the bright fabulousness of the depicted.

The artist builds the composition in such a way as to unite conventional points of view, and achieve a conditional division of space into plans. The color unity of the picture allows us to achieve the ensemble image, which the artist strove to achieve.

Costumes and utensils are depicted by the artist with astonishing precision and craftsmanship. The rich world of the tale allowed the author to express his imagination, embodying what was written in life: rich colors, thickening lines, radiant paint. Bilibin's work resembles the engraving and subtlety of its lines and the sequence of work.

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