Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "The Bride of Christ"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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“The Bride of Christ” is the first of Nesterov’s paintings, which he considered to be the work that opened up his creative path. In it, in the first, a living soul, suffering, and an idea are reflected - all that without which there is no genuine art. It was created under sad circumstances for the artist. His wife Maria died, she was only twenty-five years old. Heartbroken, Nesterov undertook to write “The Bride of Christ,” endowing her with the face of the deceased wife, and thus splashed his grief on the canvas. The result was a lively, breathing, touching picture for the very soul.

Christians were called nuns because of the vow of abstinence. Not belonging to any earthly man, each nun belonged to the Lord and therefore had to maintain purity and integrity. The picture shows a girl in such a dress, which was worn by the Old Believers. Dark, strict, it sits on the figure, a white shirt with a long sleeve hides his hands, and a scarf embroidered with a blue pattern, neck and hair. Only a face lives - with subtle features, strict, holy. It shows that the girl’s main life takes place in another world. finding a voice

God in nature around herself and in herself, she no longer needs the primitive amusements of the world. Her peers get married, babysit children, divine at Christmas time, bake cakes and dance with songs, stringy and high. She, having retired to the monastery, is no longer interested in all of this. She will have neither husband nor children. Bright beads, pearl earrings, embroidered sundresses are no longer about her. Locking herself in herself, looking at God, she is absorbed in this occupation.

Christ's bride lives life this way. In harmony and peace, for simple work, to help people. Passion and pain pass by her, leaving her indifferent. Sinful desires die without being born, and it is so easy to imagine how she gets up and ascends to heaven directly in her blue sundress.

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