Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres "Source"

Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres

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Ingres is a French artist who claimed that since the time of Raphael, art has gone in the wrong direction, which means that his mission is to continue from the level that classicism has reached. This position caused some questions from his colleagues, and indeed from society - the paintings of Ingres sometimes seemed too frank, sometimes very typologically dissimilar to each other. He praised the aesthetics, the beauty of faces and scenes.

He painted mythological sketches (mainly from ancient mythology), sometimes used religion for inspiration. "Source" - one of his sketches that grew out of his own "Venus." The fact is that often Ingres could not sell his paintings, because his contemporaries seemed too frank, and then he simply hung them on the wall in the workshop, using them for further inspiration.

“Venus” sagged like this for several years, until the artist finally painted over some overly spicy details and sold it at a bargain price. The "Source" appeared some time after that, as if Ingres were too used to seeing a naked girl on the wall.

Initially, the girl from the picture was squeezing her hair - with the same gesture as Venus - and on her legs were red stockings. However, then, when it came to selling, Ingres painted over the stockings, and put a jug on the girl’s shoulder, reducing her resemblance to Venus.

Now she stands in the middle of a small pond, clear water flows from a jug, and the girl looks at the viewer directly and seriously, not at all embarrassed by her nakedness. Her legs are reflected in the water, ivy sprouts on a stone wall behind her back. Blonde hair is wet, stick to the shoulder, and the figure indicates that she is quite young.

In general, the purpose of this painting was aesthetic. Perhaps she helped Engra feel better after a long day of work, a quarrel with another colleague who disagreed with his opinion and other unpleasant incidents.

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